Which K9 Storm Vest is Best for my Operational Requirments?
Every K9 Storm Vest has its own features designed for specific operational requirments. Take a look at our different vest types and see what K9 Storm Vest is designed for you!​ 
Commonly Asked Questions about K9 Storm Vests

Our K9 Storm Vests have been put through the paces by some of the most specialized Police and Military groups around the world. Know the facts about our K9 Storm Vests! 

  1. K9 Storm manufactures a variety of K9 Storm Vests. Our full ballistic Patrol Swat Vest only weighs an amazing 3.5-5 lbs. evenly distributed over the dog's entire body. For perspective, the common agitation muzzle weighs roughly 2 lbs. Can your dog handle the weight of a muzzle? Then a K9 Storm Vest is right for you.
    Light Weight
  2. The overall fit of the K9 Storm Vest is the single most important factor that determines if a dog is able to work effectively or not. Perfect fit = full speed and mobility. Our vests are a PATENTED design, making it the only truly custom-fit vest on the market. Do you want your dog to apprehend suspects? Then a K9 Storm Vest is right for you.
    Custom Fit
  3. All K9 Storm Vests allow the dog access to their natural cooling mechanisms: panting, their paws, and their ears. With or without a K9 Storm Vest, the dog needs to be monitored accordingly in extremely hot conditions. Does your dog have fur and pant when hot? Then a K9 Storm Vest is right for you.
    Heat Check
  4. K9 Storm Vests are designed to be used for all calls of service because low risk calls don't exist. The longer your dog is able to stay in the fight, the better the chances that both your dog, and more importantly, you, come home safely at shifts end. Does your dog face dangerous criminal elements? Then a K9 Storm Vest is right for you.
    Save Lives