K9 Storm Commander
k9 bullet proof vest

Real-Time Voice Commands

The Commander is the newest member to the K9 Storm Family of electronics products and is revolutionary in both functionality and design. Placed strategically on the back of any K9 Storm Vest, the Commander allows you to issue remote voice commands or sounds to your dog, silently, from a distance. 

Paired in tandem with the Intruder, the Commander is capable of turning off the built-in IR lights of the Intruder; perfect for preventing wash-out when recalling your dog while wearing night vision goggles. 

Other features in include additional skyward overt and IR lighting for airsupport, auxillary chest lighting, and a high powered disorienting strobe to name a few. 

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k9 bullet proof vest
Extended Functionality
Main features of the Commander include:

- 4 Programmable Voice Commands. With the push of a button you are able to remotely activate commands without ever speaking a word. 

- Additional chest mounted overt green lighting

- Additional skyward overt green lighting

- Additional skyward IR Lighting

- Flash feature: a set of high powered blinding strobes can be activated to momentarily disorient a target.

- If using night vision, you can toggle the Intruder IR Lights on and off to prevent blinding yourself when a dog returns to you during a search.

- (Optional) Remotely toggle Intruder Camera POV from back camera to chest camera. Chest camera is sold separately.